Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tell Me Thursday: Mom Stop It

What a great idea! Chele and Annette got tired of seeing all the great Wordless Wednesday photos and wanted to know the stories behind them - so they started Tell Me Thursday.

Mom Stop It: Our Rescue Story

Jifo (the bf) and I got Peanut Butter (real name) from Much Love Animal Rescue, for whom we are foster parents. He's from the South LA Animal Shelter - South Central as in Snoop Dogg, Compton, Dr. Dre, and other iconic rap stars and places. The rescue group isn't sure whether he was an owner-surrender or a stray.

When choosing who to foster, we viewed four dogs - Peanut Butter, Jelly, Banana, and Wheatie, all of whom you can see on the Much Love website under Available Dogs. Much Love recommended Jelly to us, from photos and descriptions alone terrier-favorer I was partial to Wheatie, and Jifo, being the Corgi/Doxie lover, wanted Banana.

After our visits over two days, we were unanimous: Peanut Butter has the best personality.

Docile and chill (though probably due to kennel cough, giardia, and a respiratory infection), Peanut Butter has been a dreamboat - barkless, crate-trained, doesn't chew, and, so far, housebroken. He's clingy, given to following Mommy around when she disappears out of his sight, and if you sit down on the ground, he'll curl up on your lap as if he isn't 40+ pounds.

He's scared of nearly everything outside, including small dogs. Nobody seems to have told him he's an American Pit Bull Terrier.

Because he's so sick right now, Peanut Butter naps a great deal, and Mommy can - and has - spend hours watching him sleep. And taking pictures of him. And videotaping him. Which always seems to wake him. That's the story!

And now...Peanut Butter watches Mommy watching him.



Tell Me Thursday said...

Oh YAY! Thanks so much for playing! Hope to see you again soon!

Chatham said...

Awww, I want to snuggle him. ;)